About me

I am a German  photographer with a focus on nature and travel photography. My passion for wildlife began at a very early age and I never saw myself doing anything else but pursuing a nature based career. I studied "B.Sc. Biodiversity & Ecology" and "M.Sc. Biodiversity, Ecology & Evolution" at the university of Göttingen, Germany and graduated in late 2015. Studying these subjects allowed me to join many expeditions around the world and led to amazing wildlife encounters. It was these encounters, which initally triggered my desire to capture the incredible moments in photographs. At first it was just for me personally, but I quickly discovered that photography is an amazing tool to approach a broader audience. Be that to adress conservation issues, simply to show and tell people about a fantastic world which they can´t go and explore themselves or give them ideas for their next adventure.



In 2012 I invested in my first more serious DSLR and left the "auto mode" behind, eversince I have been trying to increase my skill through practice, patience and the exchange with other nature photographers. 


I have visited each continent on numerous occasions (except Antarctica) and had the opportunity to explore some amazing cultures and ecosystems.  By now I not only work as a field researcher, but also make a living by organising and leading tours all around the world.


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